Zapier Integration Setup Guide (beta)

Firstly, activate the Attach + Zapier integration on your account: click here and accept your invite

There are 3 Attach triggers in Zapier:
1. When a document is uploaded to Attach
2. When a document has a new visit
3. When a visit ends (similar to #2 but sent after they close the document to include time spent & percent viewed)


If you’re familiar with Zapier you don’t need to watch the video above. However, it’s there to follow along with if you need help at any stage, or you can skip ahead here:
[1:07] Find your Attach API Key and connect your Attach account
[1:50] Setup a NEW VISIT trigger
[2:33] Adding a Slack action
[4:51] Setup a VISIT CLOSED trigger
[7:09] Adding filters
[8:54] Setup a NEW DOCUMENT trigger

Here are some integration ideas you might like to try:
– NEW VISIT to Slack notification
– NEW VISIT to mailing list
– Add a filter to only send the Zap if a document is viewed more than a specific time or percentage
… Let your imagine run wild!


If you would like the Attach logo for your Slack Bot Icon like this:
You can insert the image found at this link here:

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