Sales Enablement Software for Teams

Empower your team with a centralized content hub to share, manage and track your sales collateral. Bridge the gap between your sales and marketing team and close more deals.

What is Sales Enablement?

“Sales Enablement is the processes, practices, technologies and tools that improve the performance and productivity of the sales organization. Sales Enablement enhances the ability of the sales team to increase company revenue through sales. Bottom-Line – Sales Enablement drives revenue by directly impacting the sales teams’ ability to close more deals.” – Demand Metric

Attach’s sales enablement software helps align your sales and marketing team with it’s centralized content hub. With one place to distribute content to your team, salespeople know where to go to find the right content. Marketers know how that content is used and can optimize it’s effectiveness through data to help the sales force sell.

content hub

How a Sales Enablement Tool can help you:


  • Distribute content to your sales team
  • Ensure sales is using marketing collateral
  • Create collateral based on data, not your gut
  • Optimize your collateral with document analytics
  • Understand lead engagement with your collateral
  • Ensure content is always up to date with the latest version
  • Improve your sales conversations with document intelligence

Who uses Attach for Sales Enablement?

josh“Attach allows us to optimize our sales collateral and have real-time visibility into content distribution. In the old days we’d have no idea which content was even being sent let alone viewed.”

Josh Bean, Product Marketing Manager

sudeepa“As our team grew it became increasingly harder to distribute and measure our collateral. Attach gives us one place to manage collateral, and shows us HOW documents are received by our customers and used within the team.”

Sudeepa Prakash, Product Marketing Manager

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