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How to Help Close More Deals with 3 Sales Documents

Back to Blog Look, as a product marketer, I’m sure you want to create the best possible sales documents to help your reps close more deals. But, that doesn’t mean it’s easy figuring out which documents actually make an impact. And that’s exactly why I’ve put together...

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How To Stop Salespeople from Creating Unapproved Content

Back to Blog As a product marketer, I’m sure you’ll agree: There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out sales has been creating and distributing their own content. After all, it’s you who typically generates content for them. You build a content library to help...

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6 Elements You Can Safely Remove from Sales Proposals

Back to Blog I’m sure you know this already - your sales proposals must be short and to the point if you want it to make an impact on a prospect. But knowing exactly what needs to stay and what you should leave out can be confusing. And that’s why I put together...

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