Event Tracking, Anonymous Links, Custom Background


Event Tracking

Attach already tracks many aspects of your viewers behavior including page duration, location, device, and many more. Now you can also see if they click on a link within your document, what link they click on, and when they click on it.


If a viewer clicks a link in your document or downloads it, it will show up in the stats under that individual view.

Anonymous Links

Even though Attach is great at identifying new leads, sometimes you want to send out a document that doesn’t ask anyone for their information.

Now, you can.

To do this, simply turn off all information switches when creating a new link:


Attach still tracks all the engagement, however your viewers will be identified as ‘Anonymous Viewer’.

Custom Background

Now you can customize the look of your document viewer even further. The custom background will only show when asking a viewer for their information. It brings another level of branding to give your viewers a professional experience, and confidence that the information they provide will go to you.



You can add your own custom background in ‘Branding’ under ‘Account’.



If you have any questions on using theseĀ or would like to talk to a human, email Ryan at support@attach.io and we’ll he happy to help you out.