Document Tracking Insights

Gain valuable insights into your prospects engagement to prioritize your pipeline and accelerate your sales cycle. The sales tool for closers.

What is Document Tracking?

Document Tracking tells you exactly what happens to your document after you share it. Insights include:

  • Who opened it and when
  • What pages they read and for how long
  • What devices they use
  • Who else they share it with
  • How your document performs over time

Attach’s powerful document analytics software helps you gain an insight into your prospects buying cycle. With instant prospect notifications, you’ll know the second a prospect opens your document so you can strike while the iron’s hot.

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How a Document Tracking Tool can help you:


  • Prioritize your sales pipeline
  • Reach out to your prospects at the right time
  • Tailor your messaging based on prospect engagement
  • Change to new versions even after you’ve already hit send
  • Revoke access even after you’ve already hit send
  • Resurrect cold deals with open notifications
  • Send your proposals, quotes, pitch decks, presentations, case studies, sales sheets, white papers, and reports

Who uses Attach for Document Tracking?

“As a sales guy, Attach is a tool that I find absolutely indispensable. I won’t send a document to anyone in a business setting without sending it as an Attach link. It’s a no-brainer. ”

Greg Gibson, Data Business Development Director

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