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Storetec’s document scanning services makes it quicker and easier to access, manage, protect and share the data in your paper archives.

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About the company

In 2003 Storetec’s founders, Neil Robson and David Wilkinson, had an overriding vision to provide businesses large and small with outsourced document scanning and storage services using the latest technology and equipment.

This vision has seen Storetec grow and develop by building an unrivaled reputation within the Document Management industry for innovation, service excellence and customer support.

Storetec also provide services including FreeDocs Cloud, Digital Mailroom, Drawing/Large Format Scanning, Data Capture services, Microfilm/Microfiche/Aperture Card scanning, Digital Preservation services, and Book Scanning.

How Storetec powers their sales process with Attach

“We send out a large number of proposal and contractual documentation to our prospective clients and current clients.

Simply knowing when the client has received a document is extremely useful, additionally understanding which pages our clients spend most of their time on is crucial to Storetec continuously developing the documentation which is sent externally.

When it comes to our contractual documentation, following up with clients who have reviewed documents but are still yet to return, gives us a foothold on our processes. For our proposal documentation in which we send to prospective clients, simply been able to speak with these potential clients shortly after they have reviewed any sales documentation is a huge advantage with it still been fresh in the client’s mind. As the old saying goes, ‘Strike while the iron is hot’.

Attach also shows us who our documents have been shared with within a client’s organization, which in turn allows us to gather a better understanding of our client’s procurement process. Attach has been perfect for our needs and can help so many businesses be more efficient when it comes to gaining a real insight into client engagement.”

David Wilkinson
Sales Manager

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